Yãm Aisner


Yam Aisner

Hi, I'm Yãm

I am a Regenerative Agriculture consultant and in the last 10 years I have supported different projects by helping them increase their ecological, social and economic resilience. In my work I focus on improving management practices to increase productivity while enhancing biodiversity, boosting soil health and encouraging positive community interactions.

Some of my experience includes working as a farm manager and regenerative systems designer in “Punta Mona” an 80 acre educational center for regenerative design and botanical studies on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. I improved the management practices of the educational center and increased the production of the agroforestry and chinampas systems. I helped develop new income streams such as an on-site educational program for which I designed the curriculum and helped co-teach students from around the world. The program was designed to integrate the educational center with the local neighboring community to increase their connection, food and economic resilience.

I was fortunate to join the “Global Sustainability Fellows” program that took place in Costa Rica. We collaborated with an underprivileged refugee community to create a holistic development project owned and led by the community. Supporting them to establish community initiatives, such as a local school, to get land rights, increase food security and improve their overall community cohesiveness. Together with a multidisciplinary team we were trained by the Sustainability Laboratory in change theory, system modeling, project management and a unique approach to sustainable development and shared that knowledge with the community.

I consulted a 300 acre agroforestry project, supporting the restoration of a degraded sand quarry into an agroforestry and eco tourism project. As the regeneration consultant I designed new planting patterns and improved existing ones, created digital maps, 3d models and detailed design plans. Provided plant species selection and quantities for implementation. I managed the nursery and implementation teams, conducted independent, context specific research, provided technical deliverables for future implementation and advised on a strategy for the development of an added value products initiative.

I am deeply motivated to support others so that we can work together towards what I feel is my life goal, advancing solutions to reverse climate change and its effects.