The ESPICE Framework to

Design Your


The ESPICE Framework to

Design Your Life

An online course that guides your life design process
from discovering your vision to creating it.


This online course will give you the tools and knowledge needed to
articulate, align and realize your vision in a dynamic and fluid way.
Focus on what really matters.
Practice a flexible and adaptable discovery process.
Make more effective and informed decisions.
Refine rapid prototypes through iterations.
Get a fresh perspective on your life.
Create successful projects in complex environments.


The ESPICE Framework guides our life design process. It keeps us flexible and adaptable, allowing an uncharted path to emerge. Through this discovery process you become the navigator of your life. The framework’s iterative nature keeps you moving forward and able to adapt your course often, guiding you in creating your own unique journey.




Yam Aisner
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I wasn’t one of those people who knew what they want to be when they grow up. For most of my life I thought that maybe there wasn’t something like that for me.

But my passion for finding and living my purpose led me to develop systems for designing my life. One of these systems is the ESPICE Framework, which is the foundation for this course. My partner Ria and I have developed the ESPICE Framework over years of experimentation and practice, using it to create a life that we are excited to experience each day.

Now we’re excited to share the framework with you, so that you can use it to guide your own unique journey and explore your emergent path.

We can’t wait to meet you inside the course!

- Yãm Aisner


The one hour video course is designed to be fast paced and content rich. Pause or repeat the lessons as needed.
• 11 Video Lessons
• 9 Guided Activities

The ESPICE Framework connects many impactful tools for you to use in your life design process.

These tools are incorporated into the course syllabus.


Vision OKR's & Action


Objectives and Key Results are an alignment tool that helps you connect your vision with your daily actions. They define what success means and measure progress towards clear goals. 

Agile Project Management

Agile methodology helps you move towards your vision in a dynamic and fluid way. It assures you are constantly improving while adapting to changing circumstances.

Agile Project Management

Sprint Diagram


Mindmap modal


Mind-mapping is a creative and effective visual thought organization tool. It enables you to see connections, process information and conceptualize new ideas in an intuitive way.

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The ESPICE Guide

Download the guide and receive updates about the course.

Course Experience

12 Video Lessons

Learn at Your Own Pace

A step by step video guide that is designed to share with you a holistic framework to create the life you want.

9 Guided Activities

Complete Action Plan

Guided activities designed to facilitate a holistic life design process. The activities form a complete action plan and provide you with the tools to achieve it.

Direct Support

Contact the Course Team

We are here to facilitate your learning journey and provide a great experience. Connect with us from within the course platform for feedback or assistance.

Plans & Pricing

Design Your Life Course


Full access to the Video lessons and course material for The ESPICE Framework Sep. 2021 Class. 

Consultation Sessions


Everything included in The Design Your Life Course plus 3 hours of one-on-one mentoring sessions to take your plan to the next level.


Use this page to contact us and we’ll send you an email response as quickly as we can. 

No prior knowledge is required to complete this course. 

You will have continued access to the learning material of this course. The learning takes place at your own pace and there is also a community space where you can share your progress and interact with your cohort.

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with the course we will provide a refund.